Proclamations of
(or attributed to)
Norton I

in chronological order with
occasional historic sidebars

I am the Emperor, know me
Abolishes Congress

Condemns Gov. Wise for hanging John Brown
Ignored by Congress, Norton orders them thrown out
Calls for National Convention to ameliorate evil

Declares Absolute Monarchy
Bars Congress from meeting in Washington, D.C.
Changes location for National Convention (after 1st place burns)
[Hist.: 17 Sept. 1861 new theater opens with play “Norton the First.”]


The Emperor has clothing issues
Seeks Crowning by Judeo-Christian leaders
Hello? Didn't I order raiments?

Fires Abraham Lincoln, et al
[Hist.: Oct. 1863 Lazarus (the dog) dies.]
[Hist.: 14 Feb. 1864 Norton-1 in Marysville to honor railroad opening.]

Don't go overboard for my birthday

?? Sept. 1864 ??
Mark Twain royally appointed as Tall Tale Teller.


[Hist.: 11 Nov. 1865 Mark Twain eulogizes Bummer.]
Some fraud Back East claims to be king
Retaliates for denied steamboat passage to Sacramento

Surrender Maximillian (or be shot)
[Hist.: 21 Jan. 1867 falsely arrested for psychiatric evaluation]

Pay no notice to Pretenders (Caveat & venditor emptor!)

Finance aviator
Abolishes the Democratic and Republican parties

Oaklanders: Fill-in part of The Bay and build wharves
Build my bridge across Bay

Stop head-on train collisions with my railroad switch
Confiscates First National Bank for bouncing his check

[Hist.: 15-16 Dec. 1869 inspects Sacramento's new capitol building]
Orders Sacramento to clean and light streets

Issues Treasury Certificates

Let there be rejoicing
Suspends Sunday Law until "7th Day" debate settled

Chastises The Chronicle
[Hist.: 1 Aug. 1870 Census lists Norton-1's occupation as "emperor."]

Sends bamboozler(s) to attend ex-Emperor Napoleon
Demands Grand Hotel provide palace space

Tells Water Commissioners what not to do
Vacates jobs of feather nesting public officials
No palace? Then Grand Hotel shall have no utilities!

Defines use of F-term ["Frisco"] as a High Misdemeanor
3-fer Proclamation:
     1. Build my bridge, consarnit; and stop ignoring me!
     2. Lay railroad tracks from Telegraph Hill to Mission Bay
     3. Nullifies unapproved deeds done by Wash., D.C. govt.

They built it [CPRailroad]; so Norton claims it.
Impeach Leland Stanford, president of CPR
Re-engineers Clay Street cable car safety

Accept no substitutes for My imperial signature
How many times do I have to tell you I want a bridge built?
     (Oh and/or maybe a tunnel while you're at it.)

Schedules a Bible Convention to perfect faith
[Hist.: 18 Mar. 1873 play contains character named Emperor Norton-1.]

Mentions interest in finding an Empress, but foremost needs palace
Warns emigrant subjects of possible land fraud

Calls for assistance to new emigrants
Commands residents show courtesy to visiting Japanese sailors

Orders US army to back off Sitting Bull
Intends to assist Mexico with funds

Mandates emergency medical support for Tenn. to combat cholera
Responds to telegram from "Emperor Hoi Tang"


[Hist: Oct. 1878 signs Women's Suffrage pettition]

Hist: 8 Jan. 1880 dies of apoplexy]
[Hist: 9 Jan. 1880 His death is front-page news]
[Hist: 10 Jan. 1880 SFO's biggest funeral ever]
[Hist: 30 Jun. 1934 He relocates.]
[Hist: 7 Jan. 1980 SFO observes 100th anniv. of His death.]


He calls for a Webring

[Hist: 3-11 June 1999 new opera: Emperor Norton of the U.S.A.]
Imperial Government of EmperorNorton ORGanized

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