WHEREAS, the Chronicle of last Sunday, in the course of noticing the events which took place on Saturday afternoon and evening at the French Fair, then being held at the Pavilion, [referred] to us personally as "San Francisco's priveleged bummer," making false representations as to the value of our national scrip, thereby hoping to injure our person and prevent the sale of the scrip;
NOW, THEREFORE, we issue this decree to correct the erroneous impression which the Chronicle sought to create. Our scrip sold at $150 premium, which the purchaser generously donated to the Fair. As to the Chronicle calling us names, we would deem this attack too contemptible and beneath our notice, if it were not for the proscriptive policy of the press, with few honorable exceptions, which is undermining our government.


Historic Note:
1 August 1870 – Norton-1 was listed by the Census taker with the occupation of “emperor,” living at 624 Commercial St.

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