WHEREAS, it is our intention to take an Empress, and in consideration of the visits by the Royalty abroad, we, Norton-1, Dei Gratia Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico,
DO HEREBY command the builders of the Palace Hotel to fit up a portion of their building for our Imperial Residence, as becoming the dignity of a great and hopeful nation.


WHEREAS, a person styling himself Charles R. Peters was at the time of the drawing at the Mercantile Library lottery accused of appropriating the capital prize, which was won by Norton-1, and intended by the Emperor for chartitable distribution;
AND WHEREAS, the said Peters is now attempting by misrepresentation and false assertions to induce emigrants to purchase worthless land at a "town" which he calls Newark (but which has neither local habitation nor name outside of the imagination of said Peters);
NOW, THEREFORE, this is to caution all persons against being misled or deceived by the said Peters, and the Grand Jury is hereby instructed to inquire into said matters, and to bring said Peters to trial.
It is possible that this was a forgery, Cf. Drury, pp. 191-192 [Norton I, Emperor of the United States: A Biography of One of America's Most Colorful Eccentrics by William Drury (1986) Dodd, Mead & Co. Inc.]

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