WHEREAS, the ravages of the cholera in the state of Tennessee continue to increase frightfully, and,
WHEREAS, we are desirous that the plague shall be obliterated promptly;
NOW, THEREFORE, we, Norton-1, Dei gratia emperor of the United States and protector of Mexico, do hereby order and decree that the whole medical fraternity of the United States, for the present, be placed under the control of the authorities of the state; and any doctor ordered from one locality to another, who shall refuse to obey these requests, shall be fined and imprisoned as the gravity of the case may warrant.


The following telegram has been received by His Imperial Majesty Norton-1:
Dear Brother--It is with extreme regret that I receive yours announcing the nonarrival of the $14,000,000 which I forwarded you some time since. Be assured that the matter will be immediately looked into, and no stone left unturned looking to the receiving and safe delivery to you of the coin.
The emperor commands the persons who are in possession of this money to forthwith give up possession of the coin under penalty of our supreme displeasure.

[google yields no "Emperor Hoi Tang" in history]

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