We loyal subjects of His Highness Norton-1, Emperor of the United States and
Protector of Mexico, dedicate this website to fulfill His Majesty's...

Proclaimed: Build the Emperor Norton Bridge!
                                                                                                         (click Proclamation above for more info)
WE  beneficiaries of Norton-1's forethought and vision,
WE  trustees of His anti-racist and progressive legacy,
WE  who inherited our Emperor's quixotic pixilation,
DO  now organize to correct the injustice perpetrated against our sovereign when His bridge was first misdedicated:
  TO WIT,  the scurrilous christening of The Emperor Norton Bridge
as an "Oakland Bay Bridge" (which has no linguistic or other warrant).1

WHEREAS,  that the current state of affairs is to be deplored by all liberal-minded [folk], who oppose bigotry, charlatanism, and humbuggery, 2

WHEREAS,  that Emperor Norton-1 shed no blood, robbed none, and ruined no nation (which is more than can be said for any other American Emperor), 3

WHEREAS,  that His commandment was fulfilled 12 November 1936 when "...a suspension bridge from Oakland Point via Goat Island [to San Francisco]" was completed,

WHEREAS,  that a new span is under construction to the Emperor's greater glory,

WHEREAS,  that BART's construction further comported with His royal decree to also "survey... for a tunnel,"4

WHEREAS,  Norton-1, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, always remained anxious for the future fame and honor of the residents of San Francisco, as well as for Oaklanders who are quite a well-behaved people, and may remain so if not brought in contact with the vicious and profane, afore cited misnomer, and 5

NOW, THEREFORE,  we good and loyal subjects do hereby entreat Oakland, San Francisco, and all other jurisdictional bodies to remain neighborly (as was His Highness' foremost wish) and justly rededicate His span most befittingly as The Emperor Norton Bridge.5
1. from 1872 Proclamation banning the bogus nomenclature "frisco."
2. from 1872 religious unity Proclamation
3. SFO Police Chief Patrick Crowley apologized to His Majesty for an unfortunate matter of misidentification
4. September 21, 1872 Proclamation
5. from 13 August 1869 Proclamation [unestablished attribution]

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