circa 4 July 1868
WHEREAS, Certain parties having assumed prerogatives, pertaining only to my Royal self;
And WHIEREAS, in the furtherance of such assumption, they have printed and , circulated treasonable and rebellions documents, circulars, sermons and proclamations, calculated to distract and divide the allegiance of my subjects;
AND WHEREAS, it has, come to my knowledge that a certain seditious proclamation and command has been distributed amongst the most faithful of my agents, and subjects, of which the following is a copy, to-wit,

"San Francisco, July 4th, 1868.

"C. Averill, formerly Forwarding Clerk, and late Messenger to our Mexican Coast Offices, has left our employ and gone with the Pacific Union Express, Company.
"You will treat him as any other employee of an opposition Express Co.
"Gen'l Agent."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Emperor Norton the First, do hereby command that no Notice shall be paid to proclamations issued by Pretenders to my authority, ability, and Regal position.
AND IT IS FURTHER COMMANDED, that any violation of this command shall be reported to me, in order that I may banish the offender from my Kingdom.
NORTON. Emperor the First.

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