We, Norton-1, Emperor of the United States of America and Protector of Mexico, do hereby decree and ordain that for the period of one week from and after the date hereof and beginning forthwith, the people shall indulge in continuous rejoicings and most fervent prayers of thanksgiving, for that the God of Hosts, in His Majesty and Wisdom, has lent great prowess to the arms of our friends and blood-cousins the Prussians and led them to immortal victory for the greater glory of God and the Universal Brotherhood of Man. In hoc signos vinces.
(¿Might this not date to 1871 after Prussia wins Franco-Prussian War?)


WHEREAS, it is our intention to endeavor to obtain some alteration in the doctrine of the Church, by which the Hebrew and Christian faiths will become united; as also by which the foreign churches will become Americanized; now,
THEREFORE, we, Norton-1, Emperor [etc.], do hereby prohibit the enforcement of the Sunday Law* until our object is obtained and one Sunday established.
*This law required bars to close on the Sabbath.

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