October 1878 - Emperor Norton-1 signs petition to amend California Constitituion to grant women the vote.

Altho he supported every citizen's right to vote (likely Blacks, Asians, et. al.), that doesn't mean he wasn't without some "traditional" mindsets.

The benevolent dictator beloved and honored by San Franciscans to this day.

By Patricia E. Carr

"...The emperor's position on equal rights for women, however, seemed to fluctuate. An October 1878 petition to the California Constitutional Convention calling for an amendment 'that no citizens of the State shall be disfranchised on account of sex' had among its signers 'Norton I emperor.' While not a typical 19th century male chauvinist, however, Norton drew a thin line around a woman's role. When the emperor came to hear a noted leader of the movement lecture on women's rights, for example, it seemed in order for the master of ceremonies to introduce Norton and suggest that he step up on the stage before the guest speaker and receive the greetings of his subjects. But bedlam must have broken out when he decided to lecture on the subject himself, telling those women present to 'go home and mind their children.'

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