Gallery Nortonious
Courtesy of the California History Room, California State Library, Sacramento, California.
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Click pix of Norton in "write or fight" mode about to pen-n-defend another Royal Decree.
two views

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happening haberdashery. (100k)

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Perhaps the Emperor's most well known pix:
The Plinth Pose.  Have plinth will proclomate.
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Currency of the Realm.   Click here to see 'em all, bigtime. (460k)



$10.00 (2 versions)


$5.00 (2 versions)

You think He was cheap? No way!

in 1875 had the 2005 purchasing power of $1.10 as a $1 approximated $18.36.

1875         2005
50¢   =   $    9.18
 $5     =   $  91.78
$10   =    $183.55

Inflation stats came from here.