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12 November 1936 (Bay Bridge built)
1849 Great Seal of California
23 March 1872   ("Build My Bridge")
50¢, $5, $10 (460k), (Emperor Norton money)
anti-Asian sentiments, Chivalry
anti-racism, index, Chivalry
assumptions--that we've bought into
Athena (Minerva)
BART tunnel
Bay Bridge built

bonds (460k), money
bridge work
"Build My Bridge"   (Proclamation 23 March 1872)
     also attributed: 13 August 186921 September 1872
Bummer & Lazarus (not Norton's dogs)
businessperson Joshua Abraham Norton
California's history
California, Great Seal of
Camus, Albert
Chinese Chivalry
Chronicle (San Francisco) article on renaming bridge, links
civil rights (see minority rights)
Clamper pledge (Credo Quia Absurdum)
Clampers (referenced)
Coit, Lillie Hitchcock "5"
Credo Quia Absurdum (I believe because it's absurd.)
Crowley, Patrick , SFO Police Chief
Dellums, Ron
Mayor of Oakland
discussion group(s)
dogs, Bummer & Lazarus (mentioned)
E Clampus Vitus (Clampers)
E Pluribus Unum
Ebeth (foto credit)
email address
Emperor Norton Bridge.Organization, contacts, links
"fr*sco" the abbreviation that dare not speak it's name, see also Proclamations Index
funeral, San Francisco's biggest
Goat Island (a.k.a. Yerba Buena Island)
goddess Minerva/Athena
Gold Rush period, post
Great Seal of California
     Bummer & Lazarus (not Norton's dogs)
     E Clampus Vitus
     funeral, San Francisco's biggest
     Gold Rush period, post
     Kearney, Denis
     Lazarus & Bummer (not Norton's dogs)
     Lillie Hitchcock Coit "5"
     minority rights
     race relations
     sandlot politics
     San Francisco's biggest funeral
     suffrage, women's
     with a sense of humor
     women's rights, Chivalry
Imperial mark
inspired lunacy
Japanese, Chivalry
Kearney, Denis, Chivalry
Lazarus & Bummer (not Norton's dogs)
letter, sample text
Lillie Hitchcock Coit "5"
lobbyist's professional advice
lunacy , inspired
Minerva (Athena)
minority rights (see Asian, Black, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, women)
mission statement
money, wrote his ownGalleryexamples (460k)
Monty Python
Myth of Sisyphus
newspaper article on renaming bridge
newspapers printed/fabricated proclamations
"no linguistic or other warrant", see also"fr*sco"
Non illigitamus carborundum
Norton notes
     Bay (what "Oakland Bay"?)
     Bay Bridge, Credo, foto
     City Council's address
     Frank Ogawa Plaza (City Hall)
     Mayor Ron Dellums

     Oakland Point
official Emperor Norton Bridge.Organization
police saluted
political principles
political wastes of time: e-petitions, emailings, pre-printed postcards
politicians, power behind (secretaries)
principles, political
     23 March 1872   ("Build My Bridge")
     newspapers printed/fabricated
     (please see Proclamations Index for specifics)
race relations, racism/racists (see minority rights)
restaurants, dined free in any
sample text for letter writing
sandlot politics, Denis Kearney
San Francisco
     Bay (what "Oakland Bay"?)
     biggest funeral
     Chronicle article on renaming bridge, links
     city's biggest funeral
     Police Chief Patrick Crowley
Seal of California
secretaries, power behind politicians
Sisyphus, The Myth of
snailmail good (who knew?)
Stare Decisis
Star Trek Convention
suffrage, women's
tunnel BART
The Tribe of Norton, contacts
wastes of time (politically): e-petitions, emailings, pre-printed postcards
"wisdom," self-limiting
women's rights, suffrage
write a letter, please
Yerba Buena Island (a.k.a. Goat Island)


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