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The Empress Dowager Widow

"In 1961, José Sarria ran for [San Francisco] City Supervisor under the name of [Empress Jose I,] Dowager Widow of the Emperor Norton, Empress of San Francisco and Protectress of Mexico. Sarria, the first openly gay candidate to run for city office, polled 6,500 votes." (from NotFrisco)

It is believed (s)he owns the burial plot beside Norton-1 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Colma, CA. and plans to retire to that location after an appropriately histrionic departure.

Monkey's foto-evidence might also prove UFOs. See the round saucers hovering in the distance?

Monkey's not so sure about her pedigree.  
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An Alleged Empress Didn'tWannabe:  Minnie Wakeman.
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