Links of the Empire

Listed without order.  No way am I going to judge which link takes priority...
The Royal Offices of the Official Emperor Norton Bridge.Organization. (currently off line)
San Francisco Chronicle article "S.F. supervisors endorse plan to rechristen Bay Bridge [Emperor Norton Bridge]"
Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco. Use their SEARCH button to find everything!
Not Frisco info by Joel GAzis-SAx, archivist notorious, I mean Nortonious.
Mr. S.F. "everyday culture of the City and People of San Francisco."  "everyday"?!?!
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "the unconventional Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything."
     Includes absolutely positively galactically everything!  We love & miss you Douglas "42" Adams.
Coit Tower meet Lillie Hitchcock Coit "5" (Norton's contemporary) America's 1st(?) woman firefighter.
Perhaps as grandiosely inspired as his Majesty, Opice the Czech Plus Monkey honors both the Emperor and Lillie Coit "5"
     during Week51 of his Chinese-Year-of-the-Monkey diary. (It's a C 2 B lieve site.)
Friends of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Navajo Nation (linked cuz "we" maintain the site)
The Bear Flag State of California
Online Encyclopedia San Francisco
San Francisco Memoirs "First-person accounts of early San Francisco."
The virtual Republic of Molassia which honors Norton-1 in coinage & postage.
Extensive Norton resources, bibliography, citations, tv appearances: Death Valley Days (1956), Bonanaza (1966).
Brief history, literary characters based on Norton-1 (including Mark Twain's)
Where the Emperor is buried.
E Clampus Vitus, "historical drinking society" or a "drinking historical society"? Either way Norton rules!

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