WHEREAS, there is every now and then a street report that the Emperor has received a telegram, or that he has done so and so, and on investigation found to be without foundation or fact;
WHEREAS, we are anxious that there should be no deception, and also that no imposter should make use of our authority;
KNOW, THEREFORE, all whom it may concern that no act is legal unless it has our imperial signature.


21 September 1872
WHEREAS, we issued our decree ordering the citizens of San Francisco and Oakland to appropriate funds for the survey of a suspension bridge from Oakland Point via Goat Island; also for a tunnel; and to ascertain which is the best project; and
WHEREAS the said citizens have hitherto neglected to notice our said decree; and
WHEREAS we are determined our authority shall be fully respected;
NOW, THEREFORE, we do hereby command the arrest by the army of both the Boards of City Fathers if they persist in neglecting our decrees.
Given under our royal hand and seal at San Francisco, this 17th day of September, 1872.

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